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Best Towing Software


Managing a towing company can be a difficult task if the right strategies are not applied. Towing companies especially those that have more than two employees will require an app for the proper management of towing operations as well as ensuring that towing vehicles and other properties are not misused by those that have been given responsibility for them. Below is a list of some of the most popular towing software that can be used by a towing company:

Towbook Management Software:

This software is most ideal for towing companies that deals with consent towing, private property towing, incident management tows, and roadside assistance. This software can either be cloud-based which will be used by a towing company to dispatch tow vehicles, impounds, sending out invoices and other services as long as there is an internet connection. The mobile version will be used to receive calls through the app from popular motor clubs, make calls to the tow drivers and also in the generation of billing statements.

The app developer will also offer a 24/7 phone support without any additional charges. There is a free trial period when you get the app and afterward, you will be paying $49 per month.

Below are some of the main features of a Towbook Management Software Features:

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Client management
  • Management of commission
  • Fleet management
  • Lot management
  • Routing
  • Fuel management

The Service Program

This software is not just ideal for towing companies but for any person that wants to maintain an open communication with the people he is working with. It can work as a cloud app and a mobile app with charges ranging from $49 every month.

The Service Program Software will help a towing company in dispatch, routing of tow vehicles, tracking of work order, maintenance of schedules, making calls to customers, tracking towing equipment, GPS, offering mobile solutions, and a customer service portal as well.

The software can easily be upgraded when a new feature is introduced to ensure that the towing company will stay on top of the game.


The cost of using this software has not been provided but it contains some very useful features to help in the management of a towing company.

A company that has this software will be able to enjoy automated pricing as well as lien management, tracking of drivers, ticket management, and also the provision of a detailed managerial report.


This software can be deployed through Cloud or via mobile and will be charged $49 every month. There is a free trial version that a customer can use to test its effectiveness before paying the monthly fee.

Having this software will ensure that the customers who require roadside help will get it in real time and will receive notifications regarding the towing progress.

The app contains features such as billing and invoicing, fleet management, lot management, Client management, routing, and maintenance management, among other great features.

When choosing software for your towing company, go for the one that has a free trial period so that you can test its compatibility and effectiveness. If you are not satisfied, you can choose another software until you get the one that works best for you.